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Saturday, 14 April 2018


He's the modest of all,I've meet
Too handsome that I'd to quit my ex
So close that I think of no one else
He shines and glows brighter than the sun
His face stuns,that I'd no word left to say
What can I offer?
T-shirts are good, watches are nice,
Nothing can be so sweet like a kiss from him
He's an epitome of which words can't describe
When I'm restless,he gives me a dose more soothing than the drugs a doctor can  prescribe
When am driving,I need no lamp
Cos his words are my light in darkness
When am so full of myself and unfaithful to him,
He never let go,but he's loyal and faithful
My heart pants for him,cos he's the life running through my veins
He is all I desire cos he is not a lair
Indeed he's the true definition of love......

© Abimbola D-xpressionz

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