There Was a country

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There Was A Country

By Mayowa Odewoye

It is written: "the Glory of the Latter shall surpass the former" but it is pitiable that ours is a Nation that reverse is the case.

Once upon a time twenty naira (our highest denomination then) was equivalent to thirty dollars. Once upon a time education was almost free to the university level. There was a country that had a people of different ethnic but united in heart. There was a country that was made up of people of different tribes but respect for human hood made them united in purpose.

The people esteemed and upheld the spirit of unity in diversity which anchored the growth and progress of the Nation. The leaders buried there tribal and lingual differences to bring about quality education for everyone who named the name -Nigerian.

There was a country where the official government vehicle was Peugeot 504 not the one we have today where government officials buy cars worth millions of naira whereas millions of people live below poverty line and are starved to death. There was a country where snakes can only be found in the deep forests predating on preys unlike we see today; snakes are found in government offices swallowing millions of naira. There was a country where monkeys can only be found in the jungle eating banana not like the country of ours today where monkey now steal millions of naira -I'm still asking where the monkey will spend the millions.

There was a country where money is kept In the Banks Vaults not like the country of ours today where money is starched in abandoned flats, in the farms and buried at the back of houses.

There was a country where people considered the antecedents of strong and impeccable character before voting a candidate but ours is a country where the value of character is a thing of the past. People are after what they call 'stomach infrastructure package' they sell their four years for 2cups of rice and a sachet of oil. Ha! Those in authority see it as their birthright and do anything to remain in power. They glory in they hardship of the people, they thrive in the poverty of the masses.

I want Nigerians to wake up from their slumber. I challenge Nigerians to seek character from candidates not experience because those who have experience have failed and they keep failing.  With this, I know the glory of the latter shall surpass the former.

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