The Little Slice of Insanity

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The little slice of insanity
I wish to spill my thoughts on the papyrus of your heart
And to Crest my love on the skin of your emotions
I want you to be the dream I will never wake up from
And the only rain that will ever kiss my soil
I wish to dive into the pool of your love
That I may be drown in your deepest emotions
I want you to crush me with the rock of your sympathy
And from your fountain of desires I wish to have a drink
I wish to have my heart beating in your hands
That my fingertips and ink will poetically publish our love story
And have men praise me for my heroic love stupidity

Just like Romeo, I wish to be breathtakingly foolish enough
To die for you
Because I know love is a little slice of insanity.
Balogun David Tolulope {drunkpoet}

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