Stop Abusing Poetry

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(Shakespeare cries)

Each time we meet
I could feel the spill
The sound of gushing
Blood from his core, rushing

Shakespeare looked away steadily
As his room turns higgledy-piggledy
As proclaimed poet cheats us clearly
They abuse poetry willy-nilly

Are you stupid?
Of course you're
Desist, before I pour you acid
You ain't a poet don't be high

You just match rhymes
And tag it poetry
Do you even know about rhymes
Internal and end rhymes in poetry

The preface is the AABB you know
But where is the sweetness, the likes of assonance and Co
It's not that I want to show
Just to cob your acts little bo.

You only know the AABB
And that's all you know
You don't even know this piece is ABAB
Yet you claim you know

Don't mistake rhymes for poetry
For it's not
It's only a part of poetry
So, desist, stop being a thief and a slot

You had better be a rap artist
Than abusing poetry
How can you be an artist?, you bloody arsonist
When you don't even know rhythm in poetry

Just park your things and leave
For creative minds to speak
Leave, please leave
Never look back, peep or pick.

©Akanbi Taofeek 2018.

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