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*A poem about sex dolls*

Omolanke [Dolls]

Days of creation were but six
Epilogued on the seventh day
Beautiful crafted! My handiwork
Fill and rule the green's surface

Baba baba agba told us these
By the shores of the evening firelight
Watched above by the ageless sun
Before our timid bodies found night's utopia

Maami only told me of the Eve
But I know of her seed's seed
Aduke, Asake, Amope,Aduni
Even Lalonpe the heavily breasted maiden

I have even tasted on those rainy nights
Of Lalonpe when her moans in ecstasy
Rivalled the deafening sounds of Ara
And her juices flowed like Agbara ojo

I remember the rhythmic rhythm of our thrust
The crescendo of her heart beats as our
chest kisses each other in sensual bliss
Lalonpe! Eledua crafted you well

I hear of another Lalonpe
Oyinbo mannequin, the life deprived
Mistress of the sons of Ajantala
Omolanke, my seeds shall not flow in you.


Baba baba agba - great grand father
Asake, Aduni,Amope,Aduke- Yoruba names (female)
Agbara Ojo-Erosion
Oyinbo - white man

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