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Love so sweet
Love so kind
Love so calm like the overflowing torrent of the raging rivers
Love so gentle,my heart is melting

Love is like the blossoming of the spring flowers
Love is like the burning without catch
Love is like a jewel to behold
Love is like a star that shoots across the stars
Love is like a ray of light that gives hope unto my falling heart
Love is like the melody of a thousand voice aloft
Love is precious to life

Love.. love
Love is irresistible to man
Love is blind but sees afar
Two hearts with ecstasy dancing in Joy
Love is like the patient dog
Though Left alone  still stands so strong

Love feel me more
For my heart unto you I poured
Your thought does bring to me all joy
Even In the dark it lifts me up like the colors of life
Love is beautiful like the songs of nature played
Love as calm as a beautiful calm fire storm
Love as open as a closed open house with doors
Love like the seasons of life
Though changes but never changes
Love is life,life is special
Love is not what we weigh in hands
And so love is all
In all honesty, It really brings joy

The advopoet

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