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Good afternoon

I believe all is well with you.

I came across an episode of life's activities where I became a counsellor and advisor. After, the episode I then feel led to educate some of us to ensure these events are avoided in our lives as well as the lives of our friends and families. This piece of writing is a combination of what I read and saw. It was modified to accommodate and serve as an advise to our young men and women

Acknowledge God in all your ways and HE will direct your path....... The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord......

God is the only solution to this type of event. More frequently, we ask ourselves where is the world going...... hence I titled the piece as........

"REALITY AND TRUTH, a slice of life idiom"

The race to marry a BIG BOY is what is now in vogue. Most ladies nowadays can't function if there is no cash involved.
The urge for material things has changed the STORY OF LOVE.
Do NOT make money your only priority when choosing your spouse, only spend it when necessary. There's more to marriage than money alone.
A man with a good heart is better than a rich man with the heart of a beast. Many of these girls will tell you that once they marry the man, they will change him, what a FALACY! You can NEVER change a man whose way of life is Drug, smoking, womanising, clubbing, drinking etc.
Most girls or women say they want security in life so they won’t date the poor boy or man of today - Remember neither you, the boy/man is God; it is ONLY God that can determine the future any person.
I know so many Carpenters and Bricklayers that have built their houses and fed their families through their hard working but girls hardly look their side. If he's not rich today doesn't mean he will be poor for life as long as he is ambitious, hard working, working smartly and TRUST the Lord God for every thing he does. The word of God state:
...Do you know a man diligent in his duties, he will seat with kings and not mean(poor) men.....
The happiness and security of your life is YOUR responsibility. 
Those who choose never to endure at all may have to suffer for long.
Getting married to the rich doesn't guarantee happiness in life.
......HAPPINESS IS PRICELESS.......  Perhaps those girls who say they will rather cry inside a Range Rover Sports than laughing on a bicycle have never experienced pain in their life. Those girls that pride themselves with the possession of a boy or man they do not know the source of his income ALWAYS live to regret it and try to find solace by invading others innocent boys or men privacy.
Some relationship mistakes can cause life regrets. Many young women have blindly turned themselves to TEST DRIVE VEHICLE for the love of material things. What qualified you as great woman is not in designer Prada shoes, Gucci bags, designer dresses etc. It’s in your good heart, good character and real personality that you have built over the years. When a real man finds a WIFE IN YOU, he will never let you go, this is guaranteed.
It’s funny how material women blame men for breaking their heart and conclude men are the same. These women are always associated with ''capital lies''. They tell lies to the extent that their lives are now lies personified.
A woman who gets into a relationship with the mindset of what can I get from it, will miss it big time. The reason is because most times(90-95%) these women always come across men who also want to grab as well. They both end up with absolute frustration. The next thought in their mind is to look for someone to pour out their frustration on. Real men please watch out for these Very FAKE LADIES.
A man who wins a woman's love with cash may not stay for long.
Real men don't settle down with fake women, they might be your temporary server but they'll leave as soon as the coast is cleared.


Truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes what actually happens is more bizarre than anything that could have been imagined.

Choose wisely

God bless you.

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