Friday, 12 January 2018

When the Foundation is Destroyed


By Mayowa Odewoye

What can the righteous do when the foundation is destroyed. When the root of the plant is destroyed how would the stem grow. When the foundation is shabbily laid how would the skyscraper stand.

The genesis of the quagmire that faces our Nation is in the foundation. A foundation built on lies, deceit and greed. A foundation made by a few people acclaimed to be the entire populace. The ground upon which powers are shared, economy is structured and political authority is given is fraudulent. A small unit is  overburden with power at the expense of the larger populace. An Arm of Government armed with excessive power that makes other arms almost irrelevant. The constitution of Nigeria is the root of Nigeria's problem, it is the cause of imbalance in the sharing and allocation of National Wealth, it is doctrine that causes injustice, it is the law that favours the ruling class and inputs hardship on the governed.

The constitutional provisions are the grand cause for call for cessation and the inequality that exists among the people. Since our acclaimed democracy in 1999, the 1999 Constitution has been in use, There was no input by the people on the Constitution. It was produced and forced on us. And the way and manner it was done, is as bad and forceful as the contents of the constitution itself.
The 1999 constitution was produced by Justice Niki Tobi who was Chairman of the 1998 constitution debate committee. The constitution is Decree 24 and was promulgated into law by General Abdusalam Abubakar, on May 5, 1999 and has become operative from May 29, 1999 till date.

It is time we torn the old book upon which the foundation of our democracy is built as it is a document of the military given to the democrats. It is a mismatch for the system of our Nation, it is law that supports corruption and mismanagement in disguise. The foundation of our Nation is built on callous schemes supported by the Constitution. It is like a new wine put in old wineskin -a democracy built on a military law.

It is time we stood to rewrite the Law of our Country. Then would we have a Foundation built on Rock.

© Odewoye Mayowa

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