Save Your Tears for the Next Heartbreak

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Save your tears for your next heart break 
Kolade was my first love
My rainbow, oh my once true love 
He came into my life not long after I lost my "ibale" 
To brother Godwin our church choir master 
Who called me his "tomato" and he my banana 
But Kolade chased me away like a goat from a garden 
He called a whore after he caught me kissing his best friend 
And that was the end
Kunle came in very short after 
He promised to put a calm to the tornado in my heart 
We did introduction, but only to his half-brother 
What we shared was the sweetest on earth 
Until he saw me naked on his half-brother 
Doctor Alade later chased away my tears 
At the hospital after my last abortion 
When he examined my nakedness without his flares
Love runs in my vein I felt like I was a nation 
Till the day a woman with dangling breast called me "husband snatcher" paving 
More gutters for my tears
But like sun you came, you tried up my tears
I swear it, you would be my bus stop 
Life with you with long years
... So she said 
Save your tears for your next heart break is now 
Balogun David Tolulope 

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