Only in Memories

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Only through memory 
It was not far before long 
When our stares would meet all night long
Your little smiles I would see, when my lips
Sing you a beautiful song
It was really brief before far
Together at the right side of our sofa
Sharing dreams of being called Mama and Papa
And our love be of this dream's ladder 
It was not far before now
When our love began to go down
Like a stormy rain that receives a peaceful 
It went puff like the smoke of tobacco 
From the tender balm of our palm 
It won't be soon after a long while 
When salty rain from my eyes will follow this Last line
I see you only through memories, as days begot day
And it comes and go like menstrual pain
Balogun David Tolulope 
(Drunk poet) 

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