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Thursday, 31 August 2017



During the reign of Olugbon
I made three shawls
In the time of Aresa
I made six shawls
In the reign of Aresa,
I bought velvet and Sanyan the king of all clothes

Here comes the ominous reign of Jagunlabi
The sage’s word we had neglected
We sold chickens and purchased Guinea-fowls
The Bugler in Agbada offered to help fix our doors
And we were never suspicious, shame!!!
Who puts a cat in charge of chickens?

My Father’s father bought six shawls in Aresa’s days
A shilling for one in Jagunlabi teary times I have not
Igunugun circles our circles searching for carcass of our dead
The village maidens now sing dirges behind the curtains
For their hunger sunken buttocks will not wiggle to Ayangalu’s drum
Nor will their once sumptuous breast be a delight in the gathering of men

Tell Jagunlabi in his rocky castle
He who stoops to hunt rabbit holes forgets that his own rare is exposed
Tell his elected chief eagles, who are incapable of snatching a chick
The thumbs that thumbed you power, will unseat you from the high places


Olugbon and Aresa- Yoruba kings with prosperous reign
Jagunlabi- A tyrant king
Sanyan- A traditional Yoruba cloth worn on special occasion
Igunugun- Vulture 

Amudipe Opeyemi Marcus

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