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Saturday, 26 August 2017

A Patriot

A patriot

I would close my eyes
and then sift all the silence of the night deep into my subconscious, after which I time travel the length and width of my unreachable expanse within the confines of my cell wall.

How I got here, and how I did it, still remains a mystery to me. I don't know if I still recognise the me in this present situation. IfJames, my friend, could only be here to explain to the jury that it was all a mistake and nothing more than an accidental coincidence muddled up with the whole incidence. That I never meant to stab him, that all I wanted to do was to chastise him for supporting Germany against Nigeria. I wish he were here to vindicate and tell them it was all part of supporting my dear nation and nothing more.

I am a patriot who would not sit still and watch anyone speak ill of my beloved country. I have been found guilty for murder and death by hanging until breath is forcefully drained from my body is my punishment. Only...if James were here he would have vindicated me.
The End.

© Melson

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