Excerpts From the book I never wrote [Non-Fiction, usage of names are real] 

Unlike other days, I had chosen to trek the long distance to use one of the lecture theaters in school for my evening class, the last semester examination had started some days ago, it has now become a culture for students to fill every available spots inside the campus.  Traditional I am of the type that prefers to sit back at home to read during examination time, visiting the library only when my ever noisy neighbors chose to start their trade of annoying banters, of which i was a part of, so it's only fair for me to have my share of the disturbance, but I needed to study for my Greek examination the next morning.

Wole,my very close friend had volunteered to follow me to school for the evening study session, and I did not refused him, for it's very rare seeing him paying any serious attention to evening classes, for he would prefer to have his all night reading session, so I was glad I saved him from freezing himself out there in the cold at night for our lecture theaters was no save haven.
Due to the magnitude of the course, which I was to write the next day and the unavailability of electricity in the town, we had both opted to stay two extra hours reading inside the school, so we devoured every pages like an hungry lion, leaving none for others.  When we realized that we had stayed far too long, we packed our books, laptops and phones, stuffing them into our bags as we left the school premises, hoping to get back to our hostel before 12 am.
Just as the wind bellowed calmly and the leaves dancing in harmony, the star were already finding their way beneath the clouds flanking the crescent shaped moon. We drifted with empty stomach, along the narrow path that led to our hostel, with only few houses in sight, for all that was around us was a thick bush, we were already smelling home, when we stumbled to the midst of a group of guys, and we need no guide to tell us that they were cultists, I thought of running away as fast as my legs could carry me, but then I thought of my bag, which was as heavy as a milestone and my friend wole, who was as short as a midget,besides it's too dark if me to run, for my glasses would do so little helping me navigate the turns. They surrounded surrounded us like little children surrounding the food seller's stall, and demanded that we tell if we were spies,  we lacked the strengths to give a reply for instead of hearing their shouts at us, we heard our stomachs crying for food, and our body demanding for warmth. Wole was no where to be found for his shortness made him invincible, their mouth smelt of alcohol and i knew it's pointless arguing with them, expecting the worse, just as a slap was about to find a waiting abode on the terrace of my face, one of them screamed, "leave them alone, seems I know this one in glasses", pointing to my shirt which had "nifes"printed on it. He told the rest of his gang that we used to attend classes together, which left me baffled, for I couldn't seem to place him. 

And like a freed bird I walked calmly away from them, while wole was already miles ahead, thanking my stars, wole broke the silence, "MARCUS! So that guy think he could slap you right? "
I looked at him, lost of words, and I thought deep within, if he had slapped me, what would you have done midget?
We continued our journey, with me promising myself never to stay that late in school again.
IG- Oluwamarc
Amudipe Marcus

Olatuja Oloyede

Beyond the flawless facade is a boy on the path of self-discovery.

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