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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Vulture

The Vulture (Igunugun)
The vulture is a scavenger. It feels on dead animal and it can eat anything dead. Any meat goes for this bird. No one dear come near her cage and this shot is taken from a little close range because of my bravity you know. There is something about this bird, it has a kind if deadly stench around her.
Igunugun as the Yoruba will call it is considered a sacred bird of spiritual relevance. Maybe it an ancient superstition that whosoever kills a vulture dies within a year (eni na pa igunugun ki'n kadun, eni ba pa'kalamago ki'n kasu). That to me has no scientific footing.... But the question is why is this bird bard? Has she bathed in a boiling water just at the dawn of creation? Question for another day.

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