The Broken Heart that May Never Mend

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He is her crush right from secondary school days,  he is tall,  handsome,  slim and very intelligent,  the head boy of the school,  she admires him a lot and is ready to do anything to have him.  They are not classmates,  he is in S.S 3, while she is in S.S 2, she hates to see him with any other girl as she gets so jealous whenever she sees him with a girl.

This strange affection she has for him continued for long, but she couldn't tell Him about it as she is shy and don't know what he will think of her,  perhaps a desperate and shameless girl, so she keeps her feelings for him to herself,  she didn't tell anyone not even her friends, as they also comment on his cuteness,  she felt they might also have feelings for him,  so she hid her own feelings from them. 

After his SSCE,  this guy left the school,  yet she never stops fantasizing about him, she still thinks about him and imagines becoming his wife one day.

Years pass, so many things happen and she finally forgets about this guy. She is now in the university,  studying Law in her first year. She is eighteen years old now.  One day,  she is outside the canteen waiting for her friend when she sees  a group of guys walking towards her. One of them looks so familiar,  she keeps on looking at them as they get closer,  yes! That is Nicholas,  her secondary school crush,  she is excited. She giggles and feels butterflies in her belly as old feelings resurface. She is not going to be dull this time she said,  she must get him,  she never knew they are in the same school,  fate actually bring them together again she thought,  she is lost in her thoughts and fantasies about him that she doesn't even know her friend is already standing and watching at her silly behaviour in public.

Rose!  Her friend finally calls her,  she comes back to her senses now,  what is wrong with you,  Efe asked her? I have been standing here over five minutes and you didn't even notice,  you are just staring at those guys,  Rose interrupted her,  let's just go, you won't understand

One year later,
....thanks for the money,  food,  foodstuffs,  free sex and everything I got from you in this last year,  well this letter is to inform you about our break up,  I never loved you,  and will never do,  as a matter of fact,  I have a fiance and we will be getting married soon.  I just saw you as a desperate girl that was why I gave in to your advances,  especially the added advantage of being a rich man's daughter,  it's over and over forever,  bye Rose..


Rose fainted after reading the message, and since then have suffered mental depression,  she no longer think well or straight,  her life is a mess,  her academics suffered,  everything about her was sad and sorrowful,  she hardly go out,  she stayed indoors all day,  sleep, cry and think about Nicholas,  she thought he loved her,  but he never did,  she have broadcasted to everyone about her relationship with Nicholas,  all her pictures on social media talks about their love,  how was she to come out and face this people after making so much noise.  She gets angry at everything and snaps at her roommates at the slightest provocation,  when her situation became worse,  and her roommates can no longer endure it, after doing everything to make her cheer up again,  it all failed, they told the school authorities about her situation, the school authority informed her parents about it,  her parents came,  took her away from school,  she ended up in a psychiatric home suffering mental depression at the age of 20.

© Oluwaferanmi Victoria

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