The Fear of Love

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The fear of love or emotional relationship is called aphenphosmphobia

I've seen more people suffer the pangs of love than the stings of vipers....I've seen more hearts broken in the mines of love than the grains in the mill...

So tell me friends, if a poisoned drink is  offered a sane man and he drinks conscious of the hankering doom, what use is it complaining of rumbling stomach....

If a man with his eyes wide opens falls in love, let him walk softly... Romeo and Jack never made it through the vault of affection... But if you are on the glades of emotions already, best of luck friend...

Right now I'm sitting on  lofty stairs shuffling my gaze between the stars and the pads of my phone wondering why between the pumping of my veins lies that very thing ____aphenphosmphobia

©Olatuja Oloyede

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