Tears of an Aborted Child

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N'golo my mother
Alas, you had your wish
The boat of pains sails heavenward
Over the sea of my blood
Your jaw of selfishness
Had feasted on my destiny
Who gave you the life you took?

Every night your ebony body rolled
On the filthy bed of that terrible beast
Who battered you because of me
Denied you because you carried a baby

Alone your heart had been broken
More times than the clock can count
Alone you had endured
The flails of loneliness
But God pitied your ignorance
When he sent you me

I am the mistake of your past
And also the miracle of your future
I am the compensation for your tears

O N'golo, my mother
This evil you did
You killed your first child
And ruin your womb alongside
Denied me opportunity to come back
To put smiles on your wrinkled face
And accompany you in your pains

N'golo, no one is created
To walk this world alone
I'm the companion you seek
And treasure you lost
I am the only star in your gloomy world
The only meaning to your being
I am also the child you killed
The only child you could have had

© Olatuja Oloyede

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