Six Feet Above

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Six feet above

The man died
His ever breathless soul put to rest
His woes anguish striving existence
The crowd came to say him sorry
Who is he?
A pitiable embodiment of aspiration
Thirst unending for fulfillment
A Thought that rolled mountains
But shifted not mere stones
Who is to blame?
His gluttonic desire?
Or his unending attractions?
The over zealous mind never left him
Like a snail that leaves not its' shell
As he chased the treasures hidden in the shadows
Where then lies his hope?
The cruelty of the ropes tied his fate
He was hunted by the shadows
Bade farewell to the grave where he
Would find comfort
I gaze down from six feet above him and screamed
What a pathetic man !
Balogun David Tolulope {drunk poet}
© 2016

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