Scarlet Song II

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Scarlet song II

Have got a song in my heart
But my lips are heavy
And my tongue is twisted.
Have got a dance in my soul
But my legs are numbs
And my body is frail.
Who sings of love in a time of war,
Who celebrate in a time of sorrow.
My lips are heavy with guilt
My tongue, twisted with gall.
I killed my joy and murdered our happiness.
Patanmon*, the touch me not flower
I touched it and locked was the door
To its house of wonderment.
That day, like Lucifer
I fell from the paradise of her heart,
And the moon ever since Has not risen
From the same side of our sky.
And her Paradise not to be forever regain .
Have got a song in my heart
And a dance in my soul,
Who celebrate in a time of sorrow
Who sings of love In a time of war.
Ilesanmi Ayodeji Smith
(Conqueror of blankpages)

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