My Best Friend

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I'd have Imagined a world without you
Laughing and smiling indiffrently
To the boring jokes we hear
It wouldn't just converge

You lighten up my life
You bring out smiles to the back of my head
I'm lost in joy with our discussions
You mean the world to me

Our compatibility is like an unseen force
Darest anyone to stop it?
For during the thickest moments
We stand for each other like a soldier and his gun

You're full of surprises,laughter, brightness
The best person I know
A space for two I place not in my heart
For who can understand me like you do

If I could wish
I'd wish for you all over as my blood again
So I'd make you more proud
And be your best bud

You're my number 1
I admirest thou so much
You're an incomparable person
You're so unique

I write out of joy,happiness
Thankful to have met someone like you
Who at thought brings me joy
The greatest person i know

Dedicated to Olakunle comfort

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