Moment of Felicitation

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Moment of felicitation
Let me invite the drums,
The Gangan and omele

Let me further surmoun the sticks
All to be arranged in the respect
Of their ages and sizes
Then let Ayankola's hands beat out the rhythms
I plead to mama sodiq's Palm-wine
To render us her sweetness.
The gracious Omidans of this village I must behold!
The grace of steps, dexterous twists,
The exhilarating chants and colourful apparel,
Tinted with beaded waists
As the ascenstors come out to watch this
Colourful moment of ours
Let the gods drink to this hour
This moment is true
The storm has recided!
Here comes the calm as
The future foretolds
Balogun David {drunk poet}
© 2016

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