Oloyede: Soldiers Almost Home

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Comrades we are almost home... Somewhere beyond the river yonder lies a city of peace whose street is made of gold and the waters are made of pure crystals.... It won't be long now when the trump of victory shall rend the azure sky and the shout of angels shall rock the pillars of the foundation of the world.... I have seen that hope is written in the twist of time and though our spears flame in the constant battle of good and evil..... There is hope for the boys who are men.

These are trying times soldiers..... Yet the flames forever ascend from the mytrs prye and the mystery of the King's power upholds the hands at war..... To whom is thine allegiance pledged for there is a camp that is destined to break.... Now we may be threatened at the edges of the monsters sword and silent fears make our hearts to quiver at the fringes of death.....that valley and this valley is not to ruin us but to prove us. Do not defile then the holy code of this Royal knighthood. ... Yes home and rest is some miles from here but that bloodthirsty beast still lurks around... So it is time for boys to be men and the sleeping warrior to be startled out of his emasculating slumber.....

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