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Just want to share this poem. It is what I personally observe about life from my personal experience.

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The day I was born
My mother smiled
After a protracted period of pain
Father's heart throbs with joy
Food and drinks mixed in the lungs of mortal men
Today, a son is born.

But in the quietness of cradled infancy
I let out an arching shriek
Which went through the surrounding valleys
Reverberates through the near hills
And echoes over the boarderless sea
My heart pants with trembling fears
I was scared of the booming drums
Of the unexploited universe lying right beneath my feeble feet
Yet, to this world of uncertainty I have come.
To a dying world badly in need of a surgeon.

So when the drums were done
And the dancers were gone
I stood in the center of the circle
Grew in the loneliness of the magnificent woods
In the heart of Africa
In the middle of the world

There I unknotted the fabrics with which the world was made
Then I observed that the world is full
Full of noise and silence
Of wars and peace
Of love and hatred
Of friends and foes
Of ups and downs
Of foolishness and knowledge
Of happiness and sadness

Life is a thing of choice

Life sometimes comes to me as a journey
An adventure of trying and intriguing moments
Yet, often, it reveals itself as a book
Each year a chapter
Each months, a page
Each day, a paragraph
Each hour, a line
Each minute, a word
Each seconds, a letter

And so every single moment counts

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