Olatuja Oloyede: The Second Letter to My Future Wife

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Hello dear,

Love is the foolishness of the ages, the web even smartness is entangled with. Yes... I'm in love. In love with someone hidden in the future. Who you are, what you are and what you are doing right now, I don't know. I have found beauty in this ugly world but never has any thought greater than you has ever sink into my head. My sail over the sea of life has taken me down the dingle of silence and peace where solitude teaches me how best to dream of you. Though I do not want to see you now, yet my heart goes back and forth stealing a glance from the future.

I have seen men in love and I know how terrible that territory can be. The flames of affection burns quicker than the fires of hell. This is the chain by which  thousands are destined to fall. Love is the madness in man which intellect can not tame. Love to me should not be an adventure but a discovery. And one day I hope to come to this mine of awesome jewels.

There are not too many ladies in this world who think chastity of mind and purity in body is a virtue. Your greatest asset won't be your cherubic beauty but the firmness of your love for God and humanity. I do not know if you are reading this now or not, but my advice to you is this: you are meant to be a Queen, don't sell your birthright. Keep yourself in righteousness, all the guys you see out there will respect you (even any lady) for that.

Don't ever think you can continue this hide and seek for long. Godliness will make you obvious and your love for God will find you out... But till then, my eyes is glued to the window watching the doves of innocence fly...

Bye for now.

Yours Faithfully

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