Letter to the Girls

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Letter to the Girls

Hi dear, 

I met with someone sometimes ago who told me so many things about you. Ever since, I've been wondering if those things are true. Though I have no ways to practically prove him wrong, but it will surprise you that his beliefs about you girls is almost a public opinion. Do you want to know what He said?

He does not believes good and virtuous girls exist anymore anywhere. According to him, there are more of hypocrites and pretenders than real women of value. It is believed that in the face of emotional depression, you guys don't hold long in the battle for survival. Yes, he justified that many of course are not willing to lead a life of pretense and vanity but the demands of life are for only those who have counted the cost and ready to pay the price.

Well, it's been months now and my experiences with several guys and girls have given credence to this presupposition judging by the standard of life they live. I may not want to believe all he said about you girls but I do not want to also despise the probability of being right if subjected to some social realities. So many girls have lost their sense of dignity because of fears and anxieties about the years ahead. You know it is  so easy to compromise in the face of many trials. 

The real beauty of a lady is not the make-overs and the cosmetics overlaying many imperfections. Only masquerades are seen and judge the way they appear. Your beauty is in your character, your self esteem, your sisterhood dignity. Seriously, girls of God are greatly glorious than gold, better desired than the mine of precious stones...... 

My submission: I think that race of virtuous girls are almost extinct. Feel free to prove us wrong if we are. Do not be tempted to fight this view with words.....but with actions....a convincing action that you belong to this aristocracy of remarkable few...

Have I said enough? No! But a word is always enough for the wise. Good bye

Yours sincerely,
Olatuja Oloyede

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