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Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus. We want to appreciate your invaluable contributions over the last few years in Hall of Truth as your pictures, scriptural messages and encouragements have gone a long way in moulding and shaping lives around the globe. Our sincere prayer, however, is that this fire will not die or dwindle in you in Jesus name. As you already know, our online networks are only motivated to reach millions of internet users with the undiluted Word of life, which has been so much scarce among Christians today. Perhaps, you have visited our websites ( or or you are even a member of any of our groups on Facebook and whatsapp) or you follow us on Facebook; we therefore want to announce that we only exist to reach out to the world with the Good News as the only lasting solution to all our cares and worries. Moreover, we behoove it appropriate to inform you that our desire for 2016 is to collectively and individually sustain the priceless presence of the Most High. This year we attempted to charge us daily in form of a daily devotion. However, that dream was not absolutely actualized. The idea which was construed by one of our brothers apart from coming late in the year, was impeded due to lack of committed members as most of our devotees are students still very busy laying the foundation of life. Nevertheless, we trust God to help us this coming year to be strong and courageous in proclaiming His message. To help us remain strong and faithful to the ancient faith of our Fathers. We know so well that 2016 is another year where our love for God will be tried and challenged, but we look vehemently on the Rock of Ages for strength all the time. Conclusively, let us in maximum spirit of love appreciate our brotherhood and pilgrimage as we avoid ungodly and unholy messages, pictures or articles. Let our words be seasoned with salts and our posts be that which edifies. And if the Lord impresses it on your heart to join us in compiling our daily devotion and other engaging activities we are involved in, we will be so glad. We see God helping us again as He has always done. May His presence never depart from our lives in Jesus name. Your brother Emmanuel


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