The Blood of the Faithfuls

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559140-376265272455933-10.jpg THE BLOOD OF THE HEROES OF FAITH WHO CHANGED THE WORLD, THE PASSION OF HIS ELECT. All Who Sees This Should Just Stop By And Read! David Living Stone came to Africa when the continent was still deadly to preach the Gospel of Jesus. He lost his children and this poor man could only say, "thank God they have gone home. We will meet." His wife died also because of His mission to Africa, he still don't give up. He was coming to Africa one day when a lion attacked him, nearly killed him. He managed to escape with one hand lost. Yet this man died on his kneel praying for Africa. When He was discovered dead, they saw what he wrote with his last breath, LORD SAVE AFRICA. Imagine John Knox praying for years, "LORD GIVE ME SCOTLAND OR I DIE" READ THIS! A young christian brother, his wife and children went on a missionary journey to a town where darkness reigns supreme! As they were preaching, the people became furious. They got hold of this wonderful family and decided to teach them a lesson. They dug a hole, big one indeed and threw them inside. They began to bury them alive. As they were doing so, they noticed just one thing. The entire family were rejoicing, singing praises to God. This men of darkness buried this young family alive. After this, Holy Spirit began to touch the heart of this weakened men. They can't help thinking about what they have done. They were asking questions like, why are they rejoicing? they are strange. Why do they still believe in what they believed even when it is clear they will die? Why are they all singing? God sent another man to that town. When this person got there, they all accepted Jesus, not because he brought another message but because the blood of some heroes had been shed. Pls don't stop reading this now! When I look at the gone Heroes of Faith. Those whose foot print are still marked on the narrow way! If I compare it with this day christian, Oh what are few in number are still alive. Oh God, where is the passion of Apostle Paul, who did you give the brave heart Of David Living Stone. Where is the passion of the dead heroes of faith who on their rugged body bear the agonizing mark of the cross. Time is changing, the world is dying to the truth daily. I don't need prosperity, promotion, provision, popularity, or pleasure, but passion, power, fire of God. Create in me Oh God, the passion for the body of Christ, the power of the men of Old. I don't want to only get to heaven, I want to get to heaven gloriously. There is general dryness in the world, but the blood of the heroes of faith still ring bells of warning that we must be awake as knight of the Heavenly King. We now have Christians without passion and passion without real power. Each time I see a missionary, I become challenged because they are likely going to be most blessed in heaven. why? They have forsaken all only to retire into unknown station for the sake of Christ, and sometimes suffers the ugly fate of unmarked grave. Surprises we be in heaven when the reward of the passionate will greatly differs from the passive Christian that narrowly escaped hell. Can you say you are available to be the next Hero of Faith. Or did you want to meet the saviour with empty hand not even with a soul to present. Why can't you pray for the unsaved? Why did you speak against the other denominations? Yes, not all denomination are really saved but why not passionately pray for them? The lost need our prayer. I'm avialable OH LORD. God will reward you if you feel concern about the dying majority going to hell because there is enough hopeless brothers and sisters in hell now. God bless you!

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