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Extreme unity! MAURITANIA Real life story
Maura had watched in horror as soldiers put out
her husband's eyes with got irons, trying to
break his will. Now, hanging upside down with a
weight around his neck on the orders of the
Roman governor Arrianus, Timothy waited for his
gag to be removed. The fear he initially felt at
his arrest had been replaced with a sense of
divine calm.

Instead of renouncing his faith and disclosing the
location of his church's copies of the scriptures,
as the soldiers expected, Timothy scolded his
young wife "Do let your love for me come before
your love for Christ," he urged Maura, affirming
his willingness and determination to did for his
Saviour. Seeing her husband's courage, Maura's
own resolve was strengthened.

Arrianus, already in a rage at Timothy refusal, set
out to break Maura's newfound courage. He
sentence her to the hardest tortures of the
Roman world. Yet she would not break. She
refused to deny Christ. After each had endured
unspeakable suffering, Timothy and Maura were
crucified, side by side.

"let us, then go to him outside the camp and
share his shame. For there is no permanent city
for us here on earth. We are looking for the city
which is to come." Hebrews 13 : 13 (GNB)
we must not look back! We must show to the
world who we are in Christ. We should pray for
ourselves as member of the same body. Who is
proud there to say I belong to Christ?
"I will go alone. Only the brave should
follow."__Alexander the great.

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