I Spoke to Him before He Died

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Please, read this. Why I think you should never
stop sharing the truth.

Don't ignore!

I thank God always for the salvation of my soul. I
believe if I died two or three years ago, I will be
burning hopelessly and helplessly in hell by now.
That great day when my unbeliever friend walked
up to me and gave me a book. I collected it just
to see what it's all about. Well, reading that book
makes me bleed in the heart. I was convicted
and converted. I called my friends and we all
gave our lives to God.

What if I miss that opportunity or what if my
friend refused to give me that book. I don't think
any other thing can change me.

Did you remember the day of your salvation and
just wonder, what if that never happened. What if
I wasn't told.

You should always shared the truth.
You see. while I was at college. A teacher called me into his room for a discussion. He begin the talk with
stories of his miserable life. He told me the
encounters of his woes. He concluded by saying
he is tired of living and he is fed up of life.
I was under great persecution then so my ways
of telling people about God was seriously
restricted by the school authority. I manage to
tell him few things.

Few weeks after that. I left the school for a short
holiday. It was at home that I heard that the
same man is dead. At that moment, I realized
my failure. If I had known, I would have laboured
in prayer for this young man. I would have
shared the whole truth with Him. But the
mistake I made was that I don't realize he won't
live forever.

A brother shared this story too. He said the Holy
Spirit commanded him to preach to someone. He
gave excuse that he will do that the next day.
Well... The next day came and he took his bible
going to the man's house.
When he got there, he was told that if he had
come yesterday, he would have seen a living
man but now he has finally came late.
What did you think of this person? The sharing of
the truth which is the heart beat and cry of God
is not his much concern. We thought man we
live forever?

Share on and make the truth your trademark.
Make your banner clear! Make the world see the
standard of God in you. When you and FATHER
GOD talk in prayer.

Share more, speak more, write more, pray and
live the word too.
Who knows, May Be If You Speak Just Once
More, You May save another soul from hell.
Thanks for reading it. I will cherish your
comment please.

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