Lee, Haak-Sung:

With a firm determination, I started praying in tongues, when suddenly the cross hanging behind the podium radiated with bright light, and a round door appeared. A little later, Jesus appeared. "Haak-Sung. I love you. " I could not contain the happiness that overwhelmed me. " Haak-Sung, there is some place you have to go with Me, so let's go. " As soon as Jesus took my hand, my body floated in the air as light as a feather. When
we arrived at our destination, there was a strange
stench, and it was very dirty. I could hardly breathe due to the offensive smell all around me.

" Jesus, my beloved Jesus. Where are we? I can't see too well in front of me, " I shouted, but Jesus said, " Haak-Sung, don't be frightened. This is hell. I will protect you, so do not worry. But look closely. "

The fire heated the gates of hell bright red, and
even before entering it was unbearably hot. I had
to turn away from the scorching fire and the intense heat. I asked," Jesus, how can we step into this pit of fire? I don't think I can do this. "
We went to a place that was pitch dark, and I could not see a thing. Then, as soon as Jesus touched my eyes, I could see very clearly. There was an old lady with a look of despair sitting motionless and wearing a white traditional Korean dress. Jesus instructed, " Haak Sung, look closer, " so I walked closer to the old lady. It
was my maternal grandmother, who had passed
away a few years earlier. When my mother left
home, my maternal grandmother raised me. My
grandmother loved us. I was not right that my
grandmother was in hell. With astonishment I shouted out to her, " Grandma, it's me, Haak- Sung. How can a gentle and kind person end up
here? Hurry, come out of there. "

My grandmother quickly recognized me, and surprised, she asked, " Haak-Sung, why are you
here? How did you come here? " I replied," Jesus
brought me here. Grandma, hurry and come out
of there. " My grandmother cried and shouted, " Haak-Sung, as much as I want to get out, you can't do what you want here. You must not end up here. Leave immediately. "

In tears I pleaded with Jesus, " Jesus, please help my grandmother come out. My grandmother lived a sad life. " In an instant, a large snake appeared below my
grandmother's leg and started coiling and winding up her body. I screamed loudly, " Ahh. " My grandmother fearfully shouted, " Save me, please, " but there was no use. " Jesus, my beloved Jesus, I am the one who's done so much evil, " I cried. " Please do something, please. "

Jesus did not say a word, but His heart was breaking as He watched. I cried and cried as I begged, but there was no use. Even in the midst of the craziness, she asked about the welfare of the family and worried about them. " Haak-Sung, how are your sisters? What about your mother? "
I replied, " Everyone is doing well, " and as I was
answering her, the snake wrapped around her
tighter. My grandmother's agonizing screams
grew louder and louder. Jesus took my hand and
guided me, saying, " Haak-Sung, it's time to go
now. " I left the cries of my grandmother behind
me and came out of hell. Jesus said, " In hell,
compared to the physical world, all your senses
are more certainly and clearly alive...Haa-Sung,
don't cry. You saw it clearly, so go and serve the
Lord faithfully. Do you understand? "

Olatuja Oloyede

Beyond the flawless facade is a boy on the path of self-discovery.

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